FerryBridge Workshops


Light Machine Shop

Following major investment in CNC plant, our Engineering workshop has superb capabilities in light machining.

5 Axis CNC

DMU 1005 Axis 1.1 tonne710mm x 710mm table

CNC Lathes

Three CNC lathes Up to 350mm diameter 950mm centres Auto bar feed up to 40mm

CNC Milling Machines

Two 4 axis milling machines1700mm X 610mm table
4 axis milling machines1930mm x 355mm table
4 axis milling machines950mm x 520mm table

CNC Hotizonal borer

Twin table 1000mm x 1000mm x 1600mm work table

Manual Lathes

5 Manual lathesup to 4000mm x 800mm
2 Manual latheswith retrofit CNC controls 3000mm x 500mm diameter

Grinding Machines

Various cylindrical and surface grinders
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